winteralison (winteralison) wrote in winterthur08,

Official move-in

Hi guys,

Now that we're in the T-30(ish) phase, I thought we could all post where we'd be living and when we'd be moving in. Once we all arrive, we should have a big get together. I can't wait to see everyone again.

Patty and I will be living at the Plaza Apartments on Delware Ave. in Trolley Square. I arrive on the 7th and Patty arrives on the 9th.

How's everyone doing?

Be well,
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Hello all

I just got into Wilmington yesterday and live a few blocks south of I-95 near exit 6 (Lancaster Avenue). I'm not familiar with the town, but I think it's within walking distance of Trolley Square if anyone wants to get together sometime. Some people probably won't be coming into the area for a while, but if you want to, those of us who are already here could get together soon and then have a larger gathering later once everyone else arrives...

See you soon